news: trains collide outside mactier

Two Trains collide with cars derailed

A CPKC Train passes through Medonte heading south. | File Photo: Connor Earl Productions

MEDIA UPDATE FROM Canadian Pacific Kansas City

On Wednesday, September 27, CP 118-22 stopped just north of MacTier, Ontario, when CP 112-22 collided with his rear-end (CP 118) at “Dock Siding,” around 04:30am this morning. Approximately 35 railcars are on the ground at mile 3 of the Parry Sound Subdivision. Several derailed CP cars ended up right next to the CN Bala Subdivision, which operates just beside. The CN side has now been cleared and traffic to start back up around 17:00. All crews are ok with no injuries.



(near) MACTIER, ON – An investigation is underway after two trains collide just outside Mactier on the Canadian Pacific Kansas City (CPKC) railway.

According to officials, a southbound (CPKC 118-22) was stopped on the tracks and another southbound (CPKC 112-22) coiled with the rear-end of the stopped southbound, causing approximately 35 cars to derail.

The incident, which happened around 4:30am Wednesday morning, caused a ralline stoppage for most of the day, and affected both the CPKC line and the neighbouring Canadian National (CN) line, which was affected by the derailed cars.

Crews remain on scene to investigate and clean up.

Officials say no injuries were reported.


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