news: Simcoe Plane Crash

Float plane crashes into lake Simcoe

A Ramara Fire rescue boat latches onto an overturned float plane on Lake Simcoe. | Photo: Jason Lorne

RAMARA, ON – Shortly after 5:00 pm on Monday, emergency crews responded to a small float plane crash on the waters of Lake Simcoe off the shores of Orkney Beach Rd. in Ramara Township. 

Emergency services responded to the on-water emergency but by the time they arrived, the float plane had overturned and was fully submerged, with just its pontoons on the surface.

Thanks to the quick actions of many civilian boats in the vicinity who witnessed the crash, the pilot and solo passenger were able to get out and all were accounted for, but after being medically accessed, the female onboard was transported to Toronto by ORNGE Air Ambulance for ‘precautionary measures’.

According to one witness, the plane was attempting to take off from the water, in which during takeoff, she said the engine “didn’t sound right” and then she saw the plane flip forward and roll.

Ramara Fire Department and the OPP were unable to provide a statement in time for publication.

Emergency crews are on the scene and the Transportation Safety Board (TSB) has taken over the investigation.

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